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Thanks for stopping by the Battlefield Accessories web site. Since 2004, Battlefield Accessories has been creating fine resin products to enhance table-top gaming scenery. Our products are made from high quality urethane resin and are very durable. Our mold release spray is 100% paintable for any type of paint and our products become pliable when heated so if you leave them in the car in July… it’s an easy fix!
Lastly, all of our supplies and products are 100% purchased and manufactured in the USA. So when you patronize us, you are supporting American business.

New Website

Welcome to the new and improved Battlefield Accessories site! We have recently reworked the BA-USA web site and even added a shopping cart! Now, you can simply click on the button and add it to your cart. It is our hope that the new enhancements will make your shopping much, much easier. Enjoy! rem

Important Notice

During 2012, we will be re-mastering many of our sculpts in an effort to continue our quality improvement program. As molds get old, they tend to wear out and develop imperfections. And it’s time to replace a few!
During this period, we will be experiencing some shortages and possibly out-of-stock situations. As always, we will communicate these outages on the web site and keep you informed.

New Products




New Releases for 2012

Coming in January, 2012, Battlefield Accessories will be releasing our new 15mm trench lines. The initial pieces include the following:

Straight Section
“T” Intersection
45 Degree Turn
90 Degree Turn
Damaged Section

Molds are complete and production has begun! Look for these additional products to hit the web site in early January!